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York Animate is a Design & media based company that strives to deliver high quality designs &

layouts. The use of digital branding is a essential part of this company's bases.


Lets create your dream design

York Animate is here to help you create and develop your unique design.

Weather its a mock-up/layout/photography or animation,

With use of modern cutting edge layouts and up to date designing software.



York_Animate provides a option

for original photographs for your

website and personal branding.


Image manipulation

Lets spice up your images by adding a

creative touch of Photoshop.

Advance photo-editing and more.



Lets take it even further by making

your design move & bend to your will

only limit is your imagination.

Web Design

  • Unique modern web design layouts.
  • Animation & scrolling effects.
  • Customized backgrounds
  • Hosting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media links & marketing



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